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Face2Face Challenge 2018

Getting out of debt by yourself can be difficult. It helps if you know what options are available and what choices to make. Here are the weekly questions we asked our contenders in our Face2Face Challenge 2018, as well as our responses…

Consumer trends in debt review

Despite all the warnings, credit information amnesty, amendment of the NCA and a Cabinet approval of measures to address over-indebtedness on 4 December 2013, it would appear that Consumers are still addicted to debt.

How to become debt-free sooner!

I’m often asked how one can shorten the debt review process and regain financial stability sooner. Here are some excellent tips to help you on your way to financial freedom.

How to reduce the period of debt review

Over the past 7 years, I have had the pleasure of being able to issue clearance certificates to several clients who have successfully completed the debt review process and made a fresh start.  Here’s how they did it.

My account balances don’t always make sense. Why?

My account balances don’t always make sense. Why? While debt review provides protection from creditors through a structured payment plan, clients may in some instances find that their balances have not changed very much after the first 12 months. The...

Regain financial stability!

Regain financial stability! Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors is registered with the National Credit Regular to offer a professional debt counselling service to help you repay your debt in a structured and orderly manner. In a nutshell, we negotiate...

Can you withdraw from debt review?

Can you withdraw from debt review? We sometimes get requests from clients to withdraw from the debt review process. Withdrawing from debt review is not a simple matter as the National Credit Act does not make provision for it.  Here’s what the Act says on...